About us

In 1993, founders of Nathania were granted the vision to serve God through gospel and praises. Answering the vision, the founders established a choir namely Nathania - where its members come from various churches, but are bonded by the same spirit and passion to serve God.

The choir is driven by a strong commitment to declare the love of Jesus and the salvation that is given for every human kind worldwide. As noted in Psalm 66:1-2 (NIV), Nathania Choir has the willingness to make His praise glorious. Until recently, the choir has performed in various churches at different places by maintaining its consistency to bring every heart close to God through praises.

By 1998, Nathania was restructured into a foundation called Yayasan Nathania Ministry. It is registered in Jakarta District Court No. 32/1998 and Department of Religion. Ever since its establishment, Nathania is not tied up with
any particular church or denominations to meet its flexibility in organizing its activity. Along with the foundation, activities are no longer focused on choir songs but are combined with evangelism and education, in which each
activity is coordinated by its respective department. The three departments - Choir, Evangelism and Education Department - are bonded together to serve Our Lord Jesus.

One of the activities held by Evangelism and Education Department is to make the detainees at North Sumatera's jails the disciple of God through Spiritual Rehabilitation Ministry Program. This program has been running since 2003 and has two main goals, which are repentance and serving God afterwards. Presently, it has taught more than 2000 detainees. It has six months intensive program that discuss about the principles of God's words. Up to now, the program has served approximately 22 jails around North Sumatera.

Ever since, Nathania Choir is transformed into an evangelism choir, and has been widely known as a blessed choir all over places. Evangelism, thus, has been devoted to deliver the God's news in some parts of Indonesia.


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