Greeting in the Name of Lord Jesus,


It is always an amazing experience, as every year passed, our Lord Jesus shows His own way to guide and intervene in all Nathania activities for the year 2012. One condition that makes it happened is when all are surrendered to Him. Another unique experience is awaiting in front of us as we approach a year 2013, we again put the effort only to please Him.
We realize that it is not our need, desire or ambition that make all the plan of Nathania will come true but only by His grace and the strong willingness of being used as His tool to serve in His field. The completion of Nathania programme for year 2011, would have neven been easy without His presence.
During the year of 2011, several ministry activities were carried out to voice out His love, His grace and to praise His glory. Activities directed to intensify the relationship with God is prioritized and whenever we perform, we pray to invite His presence to enable us provide the best and let Him do the rest.
Facing year 2013, several programs planed are already embarked. As we exercise to walk by faith, we expect to see another miracles to occur in our ministry. Praying and surrender are two main keys that encourage us to continue and to move to another phase of our ministry.
Praise the Lord

Rudy PM Silalahi Drs
The Chairman of Nathania Ministry Foundation

Paul Binsar Sitompul

The Chairman of
Nathania Ministry Choir

Harry Boenyamin

Deputy I Director of
Nathania Ministry Choir

Hironi Hadrianus

Deputy II Director of
Nathania Ministry Choir

Ridolf Hehanusa

The Conductor


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